Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bridget Fidget

Bridget Fidget and The Most Perfect Pet
By Joe Berger
Dial Books for Young Readers, June 2009
Hardcover, 32 pages
Rated: 3.5 bites, not life changing, but a cute book

"When a big box arrives one morning, Bridget Fidget leaps out of bed and spins down the stairs. She knows what's inside - a unicorn! After all, she's always wanted a pet unicorn, so it must be a pet unicorn. But inside the box is just another . . . smaller . . . box. And it's buzzing. This is no unicorn. But could it possibly be something even better?"

This was a cute little book I found at the library. I love the drawings. And Bridget's a curious little girl. Perhaps toddlerish-she's got some good emotions in there! And ends up happy with what she's got. A great story for girls!I mean, seriously, she wants a unicorn. How fun is that?

By the way, I've created a new blog. Because having a book blog isn't enough. And of course I've got oodles of time (not). I've created a craft blog! So if you like crafts, come on over and join me at I've got a couple things up with more to come in the future. That's the plan!

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